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Who We Are

Don Linder and Lee Miller personally read all scripts and write all the evaluations, so you get the benefits of a quality team.

Our combined feedback is personalized to your needs.

Don Linder


A native New Yorker, Don is an international, award-winning scriptwriter who has lived and worked on five continents. His 2015 film The Last Executioner played in over 100 countries and on Netflix. It won the Tukata Tong Awards (Thailand’s equivalent of the Golden Globes) for Best Film and Best Screenplay, making Don the first non-Thai to win the award since the King began it in 1958. The film had its world premiere by invitation at the Shanghai International Film Festival where it won Best Actor.

His film The Cave, about the international efforts to rescue twelve boys stuck in a cave in Northern Thailand, also played worldwide, won numerous awards, and was released by Lionsgate in cinemas throughout the U.S. and on Apple TV under the title Cave Rescue on 05 August 2022. The Blu-Ray and DVD editions will became available on 13 September.

In addition, Don has written Dark Karma for a British producer; Hmongs: Ghost People for a French producer, which was a semi-finalist at the International New York Film Festival and won the Bronze Award in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest; and Ancient Angkor 4K, a documentary about Angkor Wat, which was bought by National Geographic, for an American producer. He has recently completed a 7-part TV series, Lured, with Lee Miller. They are currently working on a film titled When, Not If, about the struggles of five people in Thailand enduring a major Solar Flare.

Don previously served as manager of the Creative Writing Program at State University of New York-Binghamton, Programs Director for Poets & Writers, Inc., and
Literature Program Director for the North Carolina Arts Council.

He holds a BA and MA from Columbia University where he studied film theory with Andrew Sarris, the originator of the “auteur theory” of film criticism. Don has taught scriptwriting in the U.S., Brazil, Egypt, and Mongolia, and currently teaches a film appreciation class at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he now lives.

Lee Miller

Lee Miller Bio Picture.jpg


Lee Miller is a Cornell University graduate with over twenty years of experience assisting writers from around the world to craft at their highest level.  After living and working in California, Colombia, and India, Lee now makes his home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


His popular “Lee On Literature” column for the Santa Fe Reporter ran for seven years.  In addition to articles for professional journals, he was commissioned to write the novella Kali Sunset about a Bengali matriarch facing the great challenges of 20th Century India.  He recently completed a nonfiction book (Highway 45) about a mid-life journey through Mexico, and a seven-part TV series (Lured).  He and Don are currently working on a script, When, Not If, about the trials and tribulations of five people in Thailand enduring a major Solar Flare. Lee’s motion picture screenplay, The Fire Circle, is now being considered for production.

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